Five Reasons Why You Need Engagement Photos | Vancouver


Wedding bells are ringing and you are soon going to be a bride and you might have already started your research for the wedding photographer, but before the wedding, it’s the engagement time for you.

Engagement Photos in Vancouver sometimes could be overlooked and underrated. However, it is usually the most valuable session included in your Wedding Photography Package. 

You may be debating whether you need engagement photos or not? Here are the top 5 reasons why engagement photos are important for you.

1. Get to know your wedding photographer

engagement photo vancouver

The primary reason why you need engagement photos is to know your photographer better. You are going to spend your wedding day with your wedding photographer so it is important that you get used to him/her.

After spending time for the engagement photos, you will be comfortable having your photographer around, and when he/she shows up on your big day, you can feel your photographer will be more like a closed friend to you. 

Also, your photographer will get an idea how you and your fiancé connect with each other and interact in front of the camera. So getting to know each other during the engagement photography session will reward you with stunning wedding day imagery.

2. Feel comfortable in front of the camera

vancouver engagement photos

Many couples are extremely nervous because they are being professionally photographed together as a couple for the first time.

So, the engagement photo session is the perfect thing to do to practice and get comfortable in front of the camera. You will be naturally calm and relaxed after knowing the workflow and style of your engagement photographer, which will smoothen the process on your wedding day. 

3. See yourselves in professional photos

vancouver engagement photo gastown

This will be one of the best things- to see how you both look in the engagement photos. This will give you the chance to discuss with your photographer which angles and shots you liked and which you didn’t so that the photographer will get an idea what to avoid on the wedding day. You can also choose to go for makeup and hair trial on the day of the engagement session to get a clearer idea of how it will look in the photos. This will give you the chance to make alterations if there are any.

4. Have professional photos to share

english bay engagement photos vancouver

Having your engagement photos in Vancouver is an invaluable experience given there are spectacular spots in Vancouver like Kitsilano BeachGranville Island, Gas Town, Queen Elizabeth Park and much more. 

You can use your engagement session shots in tons of ways like using it for Save the Dates instead of using the blurred grainy image clicked by your friend on the phone, also in guest sign in book, on your wedding web page or you can create a collage wall mural for your reception. 


5. Mostly importantly, have some fun

engagement photos vancouver kitsilano beach

The best part of an engagement session is its fun! This time will be the stress-buster for you and your partner where you will just relax and leave the tension of wedding prep. It will be fun-time for you getting clicked while you and your fiancé do whatever you like walking down the street, spending romantic moments at the beach or playing in the park and doing nothing else but just enjoying each other’s company.

I can't recommend having your engagement photos in Vancouver enough, get clicked by the excellent Vancouver engagement photographer and have the best engagement photos Vancouver, to cherish them in your future.