Five Things Every Bride Needs To Know About Finding Your Best Wedding Photographer

Congratulations! You are getting married soon and you might be planning on hiring the best wedding photographer. Here I am sharing a few insider tips to keep in mind while hiring them. 

1. Do you actually know who is going to shoot your wedding?  


This questions may be too obvious to you when you are hiring a freelance wedding photographer. It might be a little be tricky when you are considering to hire a studio. 

The portfolio of studio collected various good work from both lead and secondary photographers. It is not rare to see a studio is double or even triple booked on the same date. 

Are they going to assign you another lead photographer or an inexperienced secondary photographer while they still charge you the same amount of money? Have you personally seen your assigned photographer and their own work beforehand? Do you like that photographer’s personality?

In one of my blog posts “ Five Reasons Why You Need Engagement Photos”, I can’t stress enough how important an engagement session is because you can spend time getting along with a person you have never met before. At the end of the day, the photographer will be the one being around you throughout your big day. 

2. Do You Actually Prefer Preferred Vendor?


It is a known fact that preferred wedding photographers or other vendors have to pay for the privilege to be listed by the venues or wedding planners. Sometimes, those vendors might be more expensive than what they normally charge because they have to pay the venues or wedding planners for the referral commission.

Make sure that you have done research before hiring preferred vendors. There are also many great vendors out there waiting for you. Putting up a dream team for your wedding can be time-consuming, but it is totally worth it. 

3. Do They Have Back Up Equipments?


The probability of the occurrence of camera malfunction or memory card corruption could be very low. However, it is always great to know whether the photographer is ready with a backup plan and it will definitely ease up your mind as well as let you enjoy your big day. 

It is always wise to ask whether your wedding photographer have a backup equipment to avoid undesirable circumstances. 

4. What Do Photographer Association Badges mean


It is very common to see wedding photographers put a variety of Professional Photographer Association badge displayed on a website, proving they are a member of different national or international association to increase their credibility. Because it really looks cool, at least for the clients. 

However, those badge images can be easily obtained on the internet. Being a member only costs a certain amount of money. The affiliation to that particular or many organization does not speak of their credibility. Obtaining an award in these professional associations is well, just to say is another story. Winning an award is more difficult than just paying for the membership.

5.  Should You Hire A friend as A Wedding Photographer


The DSLR’s and expensive cameras are in everyone’s hands. And nearly in everyone’s friend’s circle, you have a friend who also loves taking photos. A professional wedding photographer can look for good lighting and anticipate precious moment based on his/ her experience while your friend might find it difficult to achieve under fast paced wedding day if he or she is just taking photos as a hobby.

What if your friend is a professional wedding photographer ? 

You may have a strong bond between you and your friend but when things go in the opposite direction, you would discuss it with your friend with risking crushing your whole friendship over this at worst. Hiring a professional wedding photographer for your wedding can be a better option as you will be able to instruct him or her without hesitation. Besides, don't you want your friend enjoy your day ?

For person, who is getting married soon, is a moment of happiness in life and to make it even more special in the coming years after marriage, capturing beautiful memories as photos seems to be a perfect idea so that you can revisit it again anytime. You can remember those moments of your wedding with your better half after ten or fifteen year and still feel the special feeling. To make this happen, hiring the best wedding photographer and vendor for your wedding is an amazing investment of time, money and for happiness. Before hiring a wedding photographer, keep these tips in mind to enjoy each and every moment of your wedding. 

I hope you find it helpful and have fun planning.