Granville Island Engagemenet | Michelle + Rhys

As a photographer, being able to shoot under any weather is very important to stay competitive in the industry. Michelle wanted to reschedule the engagement session in the last minute given the crappy weather. However, I was so glad that we stuck to the plan.

I found this kind of weather very challenging and exciting. As a wedding photographer in Vancouver, I am already used to it and ready for the challenge. I knew I might be able to create jaw-dropping photos that I normally could not. The cover photo in this post was taken at the very beginning of the session in Granville Island. I showed this image to them to calm them down. Also I have come up with a name for this stunning image by using the name of the song by Adele : Set fire to the rain!

I was able to use the fire on the fountain at the entrance of Granville island hotel as foreground to create this dramatic look. Can you even image the background is a parking lot?

The signature shot was also featured by one of the best photography community, SLR lounge. It is definitely my milestone in my photography career since the photos was chosen as 21 OF 2016’S BEST IMAGES FROM THE SLR LOUNGE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY