Minoru Chapel Wedding | Kelly + Donny

minoru_chapel_richmond_wedding_ceremony 16402315.jpg

I'd been looking forward to this Minoru Chapel Wedding between Kelly and Donny for quite a while. They instantly admired my photo style after I showed them my portfolio during our first meeting. 

Kelly and Donny decided to break the Chinese tradition and skip the door game. They couldn't wait to see each other once Kelly has her makeup done at pacific gateway hotel. 

The wedding ceremony took place at Minoru Chapel which is a popular wedding location in Richmond. Even though the chapel is small, it has made the wedding more intimate and romantic. The portrait session was done right before the sunset. If you have ever worked with me before, you will know how much I love taking photo during the sunset moment which will provide a nice warm tone to all photos :)

They were shy to me but you can tell they laughed so hard in the photos during their wedding day so you can imagine how a unforgettable day it was for them. Those joys and tears were all documented. This is what I do and what I enjoy doing as a wedding photographer. 

Congratulations on Kelly and Donny!