Seasons in the Park Wedding| Evelyn + Philipp


Evelyn and Philipp had a fantastic wedding at Seasons in the Park. After shooting the engagement in the lighthouse park with this lovely couple, I could not wait for their wedding day. Since the weather of Vancouver in Winter is always disappointing for the great wedding photos, it was really challenging to create amazing photos.

Evelyn started off her wedding day in Four Season Hotel in Downtown Vancouver. When I arrived, I already felt how excited Evelyn was. Evelyn was chatting with her bridesmaids and drinking their champagne. The atmosphere in the room was amazing! 

Before we headed to Season in the Park for the ceremony, we realized that the hallway of the hotel provided an excellent location for indoor photos with modern design. 

Heavy Rain, cloudy sky, and chilling wind. Nothing surprising at all on that day. When we arrived Queen Elizabeth Park for the portrait session, Evelyn asked me whether I could still take good photos under this situation, I said yes, well, confidently :) We managed to create some romantic wedding photos with umbrellas in the rain even though I was not given enough time due to tight schedule. 

This was such a beautiful wedding and I wish Evelyn and Philipp have a wonderful marriage. 

Behind Scenes of the Wedding