Bowen Island Wedding | Ally + James

Thanks to Ally and James, I got the opportunity to witness how beautiful Bowen island is. 

After talking over a cup of coffee, I fell in love with Ally and James. They were very polite and always had smiles on their faces while we were talking. I was glad that they felt the same because they made up their mind to have me as their wedding photographer in Bowen Island

Ally and James had an absolutely amazing Bowen Island wedding on such a beautiful day in August. Some family member and their closest friends were coming from Australia to Vancouver to witness the big step in their life journey. 

It was incredible to be a part of this intimate wedding. They had at least three dogs in the family and every one can say their pets’ names !

James started the wedding day off by swimming with his groomsmen. The atmosphere was amazing. They had lots of beers while they are getting ready. And Ally, as the bride, arrived the dock for ceremony by a boat. It is definitely the most creative way for entrance. Ally’s father even built an arch for the ceremony. 

One thing Ally and James did not tell me when we first met is that they were going to swim after the speech. You may have seen so many alcohol dancing during reception, but alcohol swimming ? It was so refreshing and I believed I could not even forget this wedding for so much fun and joyful people. 

Their Bowen Island Wedding was just perfect!

Patricia & Edwin


After attending the rehearsal, the real wedding was finally here. It was a romantic wedding located at the back yard under the big willows. The backyard has been nicely decorated by a friend of the bride who travelled all the way from the US. It seemed everything has been set and the wedding should run as we expected at the rehearsal. 

After all, everything was not real until you were on the real wedding. The groom really couldn't help to cry like a baby during the ceremony. I was touched by the scene too. I was about to cry and could not hold my camera steadily. The groom looks like a tough man. However, no one can hide their tears of joy when their soul mate officially become the wife. 

Granville Island Hotel Wedding | Lana + Chris


 “I belong to sea” , Lana once said that to her mother. I did both engagement session and wedding for this lovely couple. One thing I can remember most was that Lana likes the sea so much. She specifically pointed out that she would like to do her engagement session by the water. Without surprise, she would have her wedding by the water, which is Granville Island hotel

On her wedding day, it happened to be the boat festival. This was such a bonus for this couple. There were many boats in Granville Island. I could tell how happy she was on that day. After knowing that we were allowed to take photos on the boat, Lana really could not help to smile. 

“This is so Lana", she said, happily. 

Maryam & Chris

This is my first Persian Wedding. Wow, this wedding is full of dancing and dancing. I am really thankful to this couples for trusting me for the first Persian wedding, and I did not let them down. During the shooting, I could not help to dance with all those dancing lover guest with the music. I carried my camera, dancing with all people so that I could really blend in and no one will see me like a total stranger. 

I wish I could shoot more Persian weddings in the future. There are really a lot of entertainments during the wedding, which not only cheer up the guests but also me as well!!