Mexico Destination Wedding | Jessie + David


When Jessie and David first contacted me to shoot their Mexico Cancun Wedding at Azul Beach Resort Riviera Maya, I jumped at the chance. Since they are from Calgary, we had a small meeting over the Internet. After that I was so excited to know they decided to take me to Mexico! This was my first destination wedding and you can imagine how lucky I felt. 

Jessie and David were so considerate that they prepared a bag of daily supplies including aloe gel for sunburnt in this tropical city.  Since the day I arrived Mexico, I pretty much became a part of their families. I was there alone and Jessie and David's families are my company. 

David was passionate about photography as well, and we always sat together and talked about gears and photos. 

Like most destination weddings, there were many close friends and family members, which makes the whole wedding more relaxed and enjoyable.