Mayfair Lakes Golf Club Wedding | Claudia + Jacky

Minoru wedding party.jpg

Claudia and Jacky are one of those couples who really know how to enjoy their big day.

Vancouver is a place full of mixture of cultures. A hybrid wedding with Chinese tradition and Western ceremony is so popular here. It is such a blessing for wedding photographers like me to capture the variety of moments thorough the day.

What Claudia and Jacky impressed me the most is their optimism. Delay on the day does not seem to bother them much. They enjoy every second of their wedding day without worrying too much about the timeline (Good planning does help ease your mind!).

They planned the first look in Minoru Park. The little bridge in the park has become a ideal spot for Jacky to see Claudia in wedding gown for the very first time.

The ceremony was hold in Mayfair Lakes Golf Club. The ceremony could not be more epic with a great amount of cloud and refreshing well-maintained grasses as the setting.

Claudia has prepared a love song for Jacky on the wedding. You can scroll down to see how excited Jacky was when he saw Claudia singing for him!