My Journey Started in Vancouver

Ever since I was in love with photography, landscape photography was my favourite subject given that the place I started photography, Vancouver, is beautiful. 

I believe imitation is the best way to learn. Therefore, I never stop appreciating those who can take stunning photos and learning their composition, colour toning, and more. From not knowing how to photograph to what I am today, I achieved quite a lot and will never stop learning. 

One day, I wish I could bring people into my images, then I started my way to take wedding photos for those who want to record their precious moment with the brilliant landscape backgrounds.

Since the digital cameras are not able to capture the dynamic range our eyes can see, I started working on how to overcome this big obstacle. HDR softwares seem way too unrealistic, and too often, the results are not satisfying. Luckily, after researching and studying ways to obtain high dynamic range while the photos are still realistic, I overcame the obstacles, making it my photography style. 

With the good gears, you can take good photos. With the good sense of photography, you can take better photos! Photography is all about creativity. The second you stop being creative, you lose you competitive advantage. 

I am very detail-oriented person. As a photographer, I should, and must edit photos in 100% view to make sure the images are flawless. My motto is “every pixel matters”.